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Merry Christmas!

Katharine Hepburn, Holiday Friday, December 25, 2009
Desk Set 1957 pt1

"Kate Hepburn singing Cole Porter-Spencer on the bongos!" pt7

Desk Set 1957 Spencer Tracy, Katharine Hepburn, Joan Blondell, Gig Young
Desk Set 1957 pt810:15
Desk Set 1957 pt8 [WaxxFree, excellent quality video]

Made in 1957, "Desk Set" has the distinction of being the last comedy that Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy costarred in. It is also one of the first movies (and probably the last) that tackled the subject of computers and unemployment.

Tracy and Hepburn: video detective: Adam's Rib (1949)
Plot: Written by Ruth Gordon and Garson Kanin, Adam's Rib is a peerless comedy predicated on the double standard. Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn play Adam and Amanda Bonner, a husband-and-wife attorney team

Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn

A Night to Remember: Curtain Up! at The Kate

Katharine Hepburn, Holiday

Holiday FILMOGRAPHY + youtube: 1938 film staring:
Katharine Hepburn, Cary Grant, Doris Nolan, Lew Ayres, and Edward Everett Horton
The story of a man who has risen from humble beginnings only to be torn between his free-thinking lifestyle and the tradition of his wealthy fiancée's family.

1938 Kate, Holiday

Katherine Hepburn recalled an ecstatic Christmas when her father built her a little theater of her own in the back yard when she was about 12.
12 Days of Christmas: The Lion in the Winter
Katharine Hepburn: Remembering a Film Icon
Katharine Hepburn had definite ideas about just about everything, including how to arrange logs in a fire. So reveals biographer A. Scott Berg, who received these instructions from her while in her home to conduct an interview: “Not too close to each other. Make them fight for the flame.”

Katharine Hepburn Brownies and a Daydream
Tribute To Katherine Hepburn Brownies
google "Katharine Hepburn Brownie"
The Immigrant Who Best Captured Christmas -- And America
State of the Union (1948)- In the midst of a wobbly patch in his marriage to wife Mary (Katharine Hepburn), wealthy aviation executive Grant Matthews (Spencer Tracy) strays with the alluring, powerful Kay Thorndike (Angela Lansbury), who's inherited her father's string of newspapers and sees in Grant the ideal "dark horse" candidate for President. Once convinced to take the plunge however, Grant must confront all the double-dealing and dirty compromises that fuel the business of politics. Ultimately this new reality forces a re-assessment of Grant's whole life, professional and personal. Frank Capra, the unparalleled purveyor of populist Americana, sets his sights on the smarmy, corrupt practices that get people elected to high office. Though some will focus on minor dated touches, the film's underlying message still sounds prophetic.
State of the Union: Watch it for yourself and see what you think.


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1932 - Katharine Hepburn as Antiope

1932 - Katharine Hepburn as Antiope
in ''The Warrior's Husband'',
Morosco Theatre,
217 West 45th Street

Katharine Hepburn, at 24 years old; started in Broadway theater before making films, her first play was in 1928.
She lived most of her life (60 of her 96 years) in a townhouse on East 49th Street. between 2nd & 3rd Avenues.

The curtain rises on the terrace of Hippolyta's Palace in Pontus, capital of the Land of the Amazons.


What manner of men these strange Greeks be is soon discovered by the Amazons when Theseus (Colin Keith-Johnston) runs away with Antiope (a blonde thin-cheeked girl named Katharine Hepburn). Theseus also manages to abduct, with Antiope, the Girdle, symbol of feminine supremacy. A sort of home-made and reverse Lysistrata, The Warrior's Husband terminates in a more discreet revel than the authentic Greek revel provided.

Praise, too, for Miss Hepburn as the volatile but vulnerable warrior and for Mr. Johnston is indicated...

Gr. Myth. a queen of the Amazons, whose magic girdle is obtained by Hercules as one of his twelve labors also Hippolyte Hip·pol′y·te′ (-tē′) How you say????

Montecito 2004

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where never to eat a cupcake

Cupcake exposé

cupcakes Duncan Hines

El Paseo


All the photos are from movies as captured in the recorder


Callie and Sage


Greetings VIDEO

Infant Athlete


Downtown and Coral Casino

traffic photo is from the video (click to enlarge)


I never lose sight of the fact that just being is fun

"...just being is fun"
Katharine Hepburn quotes

The First Lady of
American Cinema


Houghton Hepburn
Connecticut House

"The Kate"


Katharine Houghton Hepburn
(May 12, 1907 – June 29, 2003) was an American actress of film, television and stage.

Spencer Bonaventure Tracy
(April 5, 1900 – June 10, 1967) was an American theatrical and film actor, who appeared in 74 films from 1930 to 1967.

Kate remembered

The Kate Doll

Kate: The Woman Who Was Katharine Hepburn

"The Kate"